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Energy Efficient Pool Equipment Helps You Save

The ENERGY STAR label has grown into a valuable asset for the environment, consumers, homebuilders, product manufacturers, property managers and even building owners. According to, approximately 85% of Americans recognize the blue ENERGY STAR label on nearly any product. Of households that knowingly purchase an ENERGY STAR certified product, about 75% credited the label as an important factor in their decision. Today, more...
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What Are The Differences Between Filter Types?

PROSERIES_FilterThere are three different types of pool filters you will come across over the lifetime of owning a swimming pool. The filter is used together with your primary pool pump, which allows water to pass through before re-entering the pool. The filters you will run into, at one point or another, will be cartridge, diatomaceous earth...
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What Are The Differences Between A Variable-Speed Pump And A Single-Speed Pump?

EcoStar-Energy-StarThe simple answer to this question is that one pump has a fixed speed that it always operates at while the other pump can run at various speeds. However, that only scratches the surface of what makes these two types of pumps different, or why it would even matter to you. Let’s look at some of...
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