How to Spend Less Time Caring for Your Pool

How to Spend Less Time Caring for Your Pool

shutterstock_43249807Warmer weather is on the way, your family and friends are likely thinking of your pool.  Swimming and lounging poolside is a fun and relaxing activity that brings the family together, but not everyone is expected to clean and care for the pool.  It might be completely up to you to make sure the pool is clean, clear and the water is properly chlorinated before people start swimming.  But have no fear, pool maintenance doesn’t have to take up all your free time.  Read on to find out how you can spend less time maintaining your pool, and more time enjoying it.

Automating Reduces Effort and Costs

You might have heard of pool automation, meaning hooking-up various pool equipment to controls.  Pool controls, also known as automation, can automate your pool’s filtration, cleaning and sanitization – to water and fire features, lighting and more.  This can all happen automatically or with the push of a button on a remote controller.  Waterproof remotes are a popular tool in pool automation, allowing you to stay in the water while using pool controls.


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