How to turn a Type A into a Type Zzzz!

How to turn a Type A into a Type Zzzz!


Relax-Pool-WebAutomation is a giant leap forward in pool ownership – it’s the brains of the backyard.  Sorry, but you’ve been replaced.  The work-intensive functions you used to dread are now taken care of for you. For you Type A’s out there, this may be a tough proposition for you.

More than likely, balancing water chemistry is your biggest challenge. Did you know your pool can automatically test and adjust its water continuously, day and night?  Chlorine and pH levels stay in balance while you’re off golfing or doing whatever non-pool-owners do on Saturdays.

Your pool can even clean itself while you nap. Throw an automatic pool cleaner in and let it do its thing – they can even turn themselves off when they’re done. Got lots of leaves and large debris?  No problem, an energy-efficient robotic cleaner is for you.  Coping with fine particles of sand no worries – chose a suction cleaner.

Need more motivation to kick back and catch a few Zzzs?  Did you know that some pool pumps can cost more to run than all of your household appliances and utilities combined?  It’s true!  An intelligent, variable-speed pump can save you up to 90% on energy costs – that’s as much as $1,500 a season. It manages itself and gives you a practical reason to join the green movement.

An automated pool can perform filtration during off-peak times so you can stay in bed while saving money. It can also lower the water temperature when you’re least likely to use the pool.

But don’t worry you Type A’s, you’re still the boss.  You can take over with a remote control whenever you want.  You can change or adjust most anything around you without moving a muscle.   Well ok, maybe the one in your thumb.

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