Toss your Old Pool Equipment

Toss your Old Pool Equipment

No we’re not crazy. We know what you’re thinking… Sure your equipment still works. But, is it working for you?  Advancements in energy-saving technology have made even 5 year old equipment obsolete.

While there are initial investment costs, the fact is Hayward Energy Solutions can save you up to 90% on your pool’s energy costs, starting the very first year. They can pay for themselves in a short time after that.

While each piece of equipment on an Energy Solutions pad is efficient, your biggest savings will come with a variable speed pump – up to 90% energy savings over a single-speed pump. It’s because it can vary its speed.  Translation, a variable speed pump can match pump flow to a pool’s needs, versus running at full power all of the time.

Automating essential pool and spa functions isn’t just a labor-saver for you, it can also offer a large energy savings – as much as 75%.  You can custom design your control and schedules to match your lifestyle. Take filtration, for example – you can run your equipment on a set schedule all week, increasing it during busy weekends when activity is at its highest.

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