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Why your eyes turn red after swimming

BoyFunnyFaceChlorine gets a real bad rap sometimes.  It works hard at keeping your water clean and safe.  But often people only remember their red burning eyes.  While chlorine has something to do with turning your eyes red, it’s not the only offender.   About Chlorine There are a couple forms of chlorine – free chlorine and combined chlorine.  Free...
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Top 5 things that can, and will, affect your pool’s water.

shutterstock_66740257There are many things that can negatively affect you pool’s water.  For now, were covering the top 5.  Tricks and tips will follow to help you deal with these issues. 1. Bad Source Water: When filling your pool, don’t assume tap water is good water for a pool. For example, the typical hardness in Phoenix tap water...
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Watch the power of Saline C 6.0 – Hayward’s new Commercial Salt Chlorine Generation System

Watch the Video Hayward Commercial Pool is getting ready to unveil Saline C 6.0 commercial pool salt chlorine generator. This new eco-friendly, single vessel, low cost chlorine solution produces up to 6 pounds of chlorine per day. Key features include: commercial sizing 60,000 gallons outdoor, 90,000 indoor; compact design, single cell and power supply with easy install; industrial-grade, clear vessel and easy inspection; reverse polarity...
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Saline C™ 6.0

Single Vessel Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator.

Hayward announces its new Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator, Saline C 6.0, NSF certified to produce up to 6 pounds of chlorine per day.

Saline C 6.0’s compact design is comprised of a single clear vessel and power supply, eliminating the need for daisy chaining multiple cells.  This more-efficient, powerful...

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