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Incredibly Important Facts About pH

Water test strips for testing pHProtecting swimmers and their families from recreational water illnesses is the reason that pool staff regularly check both chlorine and pH levels. According to the CDC, chlorine and pH are your disinfection team and are the first defenses against germs that can make any swimmer, sick.

What Role does pH...

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The Skinny on Salt. Top 5 questions pool owners ask about switching to Salt Chlorination

shutterstock_67188610Q1.       Can I switch my traditionally-chlorinated pool to salt chlorination? A1.       Yes.  Any pool, currently treated with factory-produced chlorine, can be switched at any time to salt chlorination. Q2.       Do I need to empty my pool? A2.       No.  Simply bring a sample of the pool water to a local pool store to be tested. The chlorinator’s optimal salt...
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Why it’s Important to keep your Salt Chlorination Cell Clean.

We may sound like a broken record, but…it is very important to inspect your salt cell regularly and keep it free and clear of scale. Scale is one of the most common and serious challenges in salt chlorinated pool maintenance, partly because it typically forms first on the salt cell plates where it can...
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