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Why it’s Important to keep your Salt Chlorination Cell Clean.

We may sound like a broken record, but…it is very important to inspect your salt cell regularly and keep it free and clear of scale. Scale is one of the most common and serious challenges in salt chlorinated pool maintenance, partly because it typically forms first on the salt cell plates where it can...
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Closing your pool for the season

Unfortunately, we can’t all swim forever. L  It is extremely important that your pool is closed properly to protect the life of your pool and its equipment.  It’s always recommended to call in your local pool pro to ensure your pool is closed properly.   Find a pool pro in your area. Frost belt...
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Top 5 water chemistry tips

Getting clean, balanced water isn’t just about water.  It’s also about the way your pool system operates. Water circulation is key!  Bacteria and algae find it much more difficult to thrive in moving water.  Moving water also maximizes your sanitizer’s effectiveness.  Hayward recommends circulating your water during daylight hours, for at least 10 hours. Clean...
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