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PoolSide Halloween Décor

floating pumpkinWho doesn’t love decorating for Halloween?  It gives you the chance to get really creative and step out of your traditional décor comfort zone. Whether you’re looking for a whimsical kid-friendly look, or a ghoulish adult, scare-the-neighbors theme, don’t forget the outdoors – including your pool. Floating pumpkins are a great, festive addition to pools and spas.  We love...
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Extending the Pool Season

We know you want to hold onto the swimming season as long as possible, especially on those beautiful, but cool fall nights.  Here’s a heating lesson that will help you heat your pool efficiently. Heating Options For pools, the choices are gas heaters and heat pumps. Gas heaters are better suited to raise a pool’s water temperature fast, but heat pumps are far more...
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Fall Resurfacing Renovations

Fall is the perfect time for backyard and pool and spa renovations.  Most everything is on sale this time of year and you can probably work out a great deal with pool renovators and servicers as their seasons are slowing down.  If you’re looking for a pro in your area, check out our Pool Professional Locator. Pool resurfacing and new water introduction Chemistry questions always arise...
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